The five and five of cherries

Cherry season is short but abundant in Tasmania and within a month or so it will be coming to an end. So make the most of it while it lasts!  Here are five reasons to eat cherries, and five delicious ways to use them.

Cherry juice dripping down chins and cherry pip spitting competitions – these are the childhood memories of many of us in Tasmania.

January is the peak of Tasmania’s cherry season and all our suppliers including Hansen Orchards are in full swing picking and packing thousands of boxes of cherries for distribution across all ten of Hill Street’s stores.

Five reasons to eat cherries

Besides the obvious (they’re delicious!) cherries have incredibly healthful properties:

  1. A large handful of cherries (about 12) will give you one serve of fruit for your recommended two serves of fruit a day. Not too hard to comply with this one!
  2. Surprisingly, they are suitable for those following a low GI diet.
  3. Cherries contain melatonin and may improve sleep.
  4. They are loaded with antioxidants, particularly anthocyanins and cyanidin which have anti-inflammatory effects.
  5. They help lower cholesterol levels.

Five ways to use cherries

The best way to enjoy cherries during the peak of the season is, of course, to eat them fresh. Once you’ve had your fill, here are some more ideas:

1.   Pickle, preserve or make jam

Cherries are only in season for a matter of weeks, so buy them while you can and preserve, pickle or make them into jam so that you can enjoy them throughout the colder months. Try this recipe for pickled cherries from Hill Street’s recipe collection. Slightly spiced, these are brilliant on a cheese or charcuterie board, as a condiment with roasts, tossed in salads or to use as a garnish in a cocktail.

2.   Make delicious cakes, pies and desserts

Cherries pair well with chocolate, hazelnut, coconut, cream and cream cheese.  Try any of these delectable ideas:

3.   Pair them with poultry and game

Cherries’ rich tartness is a wonderful accompaniment to robust meats and game, as well as poultry. Cherries and duck are a celebrated pairing, and they also go well with pork, venison, wallaby, turkey and quail. Here are some ideas:

4.   Make a salad

This is a bit of a left field idea but give it a go.  The sweetness of cherries with the sharp yet creamy feta are a winning combination.

5.   Mix a delicious drink

Cherry juice is a delicious and health-giving drink with a myriad of unexpected benefits from improving sleep to helping with stiff joints. Read all about it here. Drink Me Magic Potion For Your Health

If you fancy yourself a bit of a mixologist, try this cocktail:

We can’t guarantee the health benefits will be as great but you’ll enjoy finding out!


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