Our team

Our team

Our team ranges from local school kids gaining experience in their first job, to our most senior staff, some of whom have been with Hill Street
for over fifteen years!

The range of work our team does is varied and all extremely important.  From the junior stockperson who fills up the bread and milk to our store managers, each one is there to ensure that your experience in our store exceeds your expectations, every single time.

The one thing all our team members have in common is a dynamic and energetic outlook, with a desire every day to make a positive difference to our customers.

If you are interested in joining our team, please apply here

Fruit and Vegetables

Our Fruit and Veg team is a finely tuned machine.  With a 4am start time for the early shift, the team sets up our displays every morning from scratch.  Delicate produce is brought out from our coolrooms where it has spent the night, the trucks arrive to replenish the shelves and our stock is constantly rotated.  We display our fruit and vegetables the old-fashioned way with skills that are dying out in mainstream supermarkets – all our team know how to build an apple pyramid, stack capsicums and trim and display fresh produce so that its quality and freshness shine through.


Our deli staff work constantly to refill and replenish our deli.  All hams and salamis are sliced to order and they have skills in carving off the bone.  It’s a demanding job requiring high standards of cleanliness, organization and food hygiene.


The face of our business, those at our front counter greet you with a smile and if you are a regular, will know you by name.  They combine the skills of getting you through the checkout quickly with having a nice chat and catching up on your news and ours.


Re-ordering, replenishing, stacking, facing up and keeping things clean and orderly are the main tasks for a stock person in our stores.  Keeping plentiful supplies of your favourite things is a priority.  If you are looking for something you can’t find, ask one of our stock people and we will find it or order it for you.


Managers in our stores are not to be found in an office out the back somewhere.  They are working hard on the shop floor alongside their teams and in constant contact with our customers.  They feel the heartbeat of the business and are able to fine tune things to keep everything running smoothly.

Support Centre

A team of dedicated support people run the administrative side of our business including IT, marketing, finance and human resources.  Although as a customer you don’t see them, they are integral to our operations as they make sure we recruit the right people and look after them, as well as our suppliers and other service providers, as well as keeping you up-to-date with specials and news from our stores.