Careers with Hill Street Grocer

When you join the team at Hill Street you are joining one of Tasmania’s largest family-owned and run businesses. Our mission is to bring happiness through great food. Food and family are central to everything we do. 


At Hill Street we’re committed to creating a workplace which supports and develops our people. Every day we live our Values and help to inspire our people to do the same.

•    We have Pride in what we do.
•    We have Passion for how we operate.
•    We strive for Growth through continuous improvement.
•    We give Value through every interaction.
•    We are a Tasmanian Family that cares for our people and our community.

We are always looking for people to join our team who share these Values, and who are ambitious and driven to lead our business into the future through our commitment to developing career pathways. 

If this sounds like you, please apply to our jobs listed below!


Tips for applying 

Stay close to home 
Apply for roles which are near where you live or go to school, and that you can easily travel to.  Check bus timetables and remember, some roles start very early in the morning and finish late at night.

Apply for roles you are qualified for
Give yourself the best chance of being successful in your application by only applying for roles you are qualified for. Read the requirements in the ad carefully and if you don’t have what we are looking for, return to our job listings and choose a role which is more suitable for your skills and experience – perhaps an Entry Level role.

Apply Now
‘Register your Interest’ these roles are those for which we are not actively recruiting at present. We encourage you to register your interest in these roles so that when a position does open up, we have a pool of great candidates to consider. Again, only apply for roles for which you have the required experience.

‘Apply Now’ roles reflect a current need and fill quickly. Again please make sure you have the right skills before applying.

No experience? That’s ok!
If you have little or no relevant experience, or you are a student and this is your first job, please apply for the Casual/Part time Entry Level roles at the Hill Street store nearest to your home or school.

Will you hear back from us?
If you have applied for an  ‘Apply Now’ role, your application will be assessed and we will let you know by email if we wish to interview you, or whether you have been unsuccessful this time around. 

If you have registered for a ‘Register your Interest’ role, you will only hear from us if that role becomes vacant in the relevant store, and you are someone we would like to consider to fill it.  If not, your application will remain in our talent pool for future consideration.  We do encourage you to reapply for roles every three months  or so to indicate that you are still interested in being considered.

We love your videos!
All roles will ask you to record a short video answering one or two questions. They are designed to be fun and a chance to show your personality. Just be yourself! Don’t worry about making your video perfect, we just want to see your authentic personality shine through. Recording a video will give you a greater chance of being considered, so please give it a go! We love watching them.


View our available positions below.  

All the best and we look forward to meeting you!


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