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I have fond memories of visiting my grandparents for Sunday lunch as a child. Walking through the front door I was greeted with a warm hug and the smell of cabbage. We used to joke that my grandmother would put the cabbage on to cook at 9am and let it simmer away until lunch at 1pm. By the time it hit the table it was sloppy and not very palatable. Fortunately, cabbage and broad beans were really the only two things that Grandma didn’t cook well and her awesome roast potatoes more than made up for any cabbage conundrums. Irrespective, cabbage often gets a bad rap from people who have eaten it over-cooked. However, this great vegetable is actually super-tasty and very versatile. Let’s take a closer look at the best ways to store and handle cabbage, as well as some tasty ideas for how to use it.

When choosing cabbage, look for heads that feel heavy for their size and keep them in the fridge at home. Once cut, they should be wrapped to maintain freshness. Stored correctly loose-leaf varieties such as savoy will last up to 2 weeks, and red and white cabbage can last up to a month. If you find that your cabbage leaves have gone limp, you can put them in a bowl of iced water for a few minutes to revive them. You can also freeze cabbage if you have more than you need. Simply slice it and blanch for a couple of minutes, then transfer to iced water to stop cooking. Pat it dry with paper towel and then freeze.

Cabbage is versatile, and can be used raw for coleslaw and in salads, or added to stir-fries, curries and casseroles toward the end of the cooking time. It also is ideal for pickling, being the star ingredient of kimchi and sauerkraut.

If you’re looking for some ways to use cabbage in your cooking, take a look at these recipes:

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