How to cut cabbage … kitchen helper


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Want to know the easiest way to cut cabbage for coleslaw or how to get wedges of cabbage to stay together? We’ve got all the tips and tricks you need.

Begin by removing the outer cabbage leaves, then give the cabbage a thorough wash under cold running water. Next cut the cabbage in half so that you have more manageable sized pieces to work with.

If you are making coleslaw you will want to remove the core. Place each half of the cabbage on a chopping board cut-side up. Using a sharp knife, make a triangle shaped cut into the cabbage around the core. Remove the core with your hands and repat with the other half of the cabbage. Next, turn the halves over so that the cut side is on the cutting board. Start at the short end opposite the stem and cut the cabbage from top to bottom in thin slices.

If you want wedges of cabbage for stews or braising then the core needs to stay intact. Trim the core slightly to remove any tough or browned parts at the bottom of the stem. Next, cut cabbage halves into quarters or wedge shaped slices depending on your preference.

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