Carrots ... To peel or not to peel?


Carrots ... To peel or not to peel - 27.8.19.jpg

Carrots are crunchy, tasty and good for you and you don’t have to peel them, as long as you give them a good scrub before you eat them. Of course if you want to peel them that’s fine too but there are three situations where you are totally wasting your time peeling.

  1. When you're juicing them – don’t waste your time peeling because all the fruits and veggies you put in your juice or smoothie end up blended and peeling will actually remove some of the valuable nutrients found in the skin.
  2. When you’re making a stock with them – if you’re just using the carrots for their flavour in the stock and don’t plan on using them afterwards then don’t waste your time peeling them.
  3. When you’re roasting them – roasting will cook your carrots at a high temperature and for a long time so you probably won’t even notice if the skin is on.

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