Two back to school tips … to make mornings easier


Two back to school tips … to make mornings easier2.jpg

Well here we are again, it’s back to school time. That means it is time to say goodbye to the lazy days of summer and get back to the routines of early mornings, school lunches and the morning battle to get out the door on time. Whether you’re looking forward to getting the kids back to school or dreading the thought of the morning rush, we’ve got a couple of tips to help you make back to school a little easier.

1.       Chart it

Little kids respond best to structure and organisation and it is great to foster some independence and responsibility for getting ready for school. To make mornings run a little smoother create a chart with simple tasks for them to complete, like “eat breakfast”, “brush teeth”, “put on shoes”. Having a guide will help them stay on task and they can tick things off as they complete them. It will free up some of your time and at the end of the week you can reward them if they have achieved all tasks.


2.       Preparation

You might already make lunches the night before or even batch cook things for the week ahead, but another way to reduce the morning stress is to prepare breakfast in advance. It can be as simple as laying out bowls and a box of cereal on the table the night before so that the kids can feed themselves while you do one of the million other things that have to be done every morning. Or make some Fruity Breakfast Jars or ABC Overnight Oats and pop in the fridge so that there’s a healthy and nutritious breakfast ready to eat.


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