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Panettone is the delicious cupola-shaped sweet fruit bread favoured at Christmas-time in Italy, and now in many parts of the world, including Australia.

You might have been given one as a gift, and wondering what else you can do with it so it doesn’t go to waste. Here are some ideas:

1.   Toast it

Simply slice it thinly and pop it in the toaster. Set the toaster to a low setting as the sugar in the bread may burn easily.  Spread with butter and eat right away!

2.   Make French Toast

Panettone makes delicious French Toast.  Try this recipe from Hill Street’s collection Panettone French Toast with Chantilly Cream

3.   Make a Bread-and-Butter Pudding with a twist

Bread and butter pudding is a delicious and comforting dessert and using panettone as the bread, with its fruit and raisins, will elevate this traditional pudding. Substitute the bread for panettone in this recipe from Hill Street’s collection. Bread and Butter Pudding



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