All you need to know about pork cuts … our guide


All you need to know about pork cuts … our guide2.jpg

We all know how delicious bacon is but do you know which part of the animal it comes from? To help you get to know the different cuts of pork available, we’ve compiled this guide.

1.     Shoulder/Forequarter

No prizes for guessing which part of the pig the shoulder comes from. This is a large cut that is layered in fat. It is best suited to low and slow roasting and is the go-to cut for pulled pork.

2.     Loin

The loin is a large, tender cut that comes from the back of the pig. Typically used for roasting it is also delicious cut into steaks. Cutlets, loin chops, pork fillet and loin rack are other common cuts from the loin area.

3.     Tenderloin

The tenderloin sits between the belly and the loin and is the most tender of cuts. It can be used as a mini-roast or butterflied to make steaks.

4.     Pork Belly

Again, a bit of a no-brainer, with the belly coming from the underside of the pig. Its high fat content makes it a versatile cut, that is typically used for bacon or pork belly roasts. Also in the belly are the pork ribs; they are delicious marinated like these Barbecue Pork Ribs or Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs.

5.     Leg

If you’re a lover of ham, then you’ll know that the leg is where it’s at. The leg has a large proportion of lean meat covered with an even layer of fat so it is great for roasting and braising. Legs are available bone in or out and the fat on the leg turns into delicious crackling when cooked.

6.     Hock

Hocks are full of flavour and are commonly used to add flavour and depth to casseroles and soups like the traditional Pea and Ham Soup. Loaded with connective tissue, it is best cooked low and slow.


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