Ready, set, galette … our favourite free-form dough creation


Ready, set, galette … our favourite free-form dough creation2.jpg

When it comes to cuisine, the French have definitely cornered the market on delicious pastry-creations. And while some of these delights are technically tricky to master and make at home, there is one that is both surprisingly simple to make and incredibly versatile – think sweet and savoury. With a simple dough base that’s a cross between bread and a pie, galettes are the free-form dough creation that lets you use your creative flair to create a culinary masterpiece at home.

What is a galette?

By definition, a galette is simply a flat, round cake made of pastry dough or bread. The name galette comes from the French word ‘galet’ meaning a smooth, flat pebble.  Often taking the form of a sweet, open-faced tart filled with fruit or chocolate, galettes also can be savoury with cheese, vegetables, spices and meat as fillings. Although there are different types of galettes, today the name ‘galette’ is typically used to describe rustic, free-form dough creations topped with sweet or savoury fillings.

How do you make a galette?

The steps for making a galette are easy. You begin by making a dough using a food processor to blitz together flour, salt, butter and chilled water. The dough is chilled in the fridge then rolled out and filled with your preferred toppings. The edges are often folded up and over the filling, especially if it is moist, to contain the juices.

How is a galette different to a tart or a pie?

Although similar in that galettes, pies and tarts can be sweet or savoury, there are differences between them. A tart is typically made in a tart pan (often with the characteristic scalloped edge) and they can be round, rectangular or square. Tarts have shallow edges and can be filled before or after baking, and do not have a top crust. Pies have deeper sides than tarts and are made in a pan or pie dish and usually, but not always, have a top crust.

With an endless array of toppings to try, galettes are customisable for any occasion and they can be enjoyed hot or cold. Whether you try one of our recipes below or add your own unique flair, you can’t go wrong with a galette.



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