Ways to stay safe when shopping … our top tips


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In these worrying times we understand that you are concerned about staying safe while you are shopping. We have introduced a number of new measures to protect you in our stores and we are continuously reviewing these measures and making changes as needed. Here’s our top recommendations to keep yourself safe while shopping.

Observe Social Distancing

We cannot stress enough how important it is that you adhere to the recommended 1.5 metre social distancing rule when you shop. We have introduced markings on our floors, please look out for these to help you maintain the required spacing.

Hand Hygiene

Your best defence is to maintain scrupulous hand hygiene. Please ensure you use the hand sanitiser prior to entering our stores.

Don’t touch your face

Just as hand hygiene is vital, it is incredibly important not to touch your face. Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

Don’t use cash

Using your credit or debit card or smartphone to tap and go is the best and safest payment option at the moment.

Only touch items you want to purchase

Pre COVID-19 it was great to be able to pick things up, give them a little squeeze to test for ripeness and smell them. However at the moment, it is vital that you respect the health and safety of others by not handling produce unless you intend to buy it.

Minimise your time in-store

Try to get in and out as quickly as possible. Achieve this by putting together a shopping list before you get to the store so that you can keep your visit brief.

Shop alone, not as a family

To minimise the risk to your loved ones and the wider community, don’t shop with members of your household.

Explore other ways to shop

Where you can, and particularly if you are in a high-risk category, consider shopping online for home delivery or Click and Collect and always use a contactless delivery method.

Washing fresh produce

There is currently no evidence of COVID-19 being transmitted through food. Coronavirus is an enveloped virus. This means that the virus sits inside an “envelope” and without an intact envelope it loses its ability to infect. The envelope is a delicate structure which means that it is sensitive to detergents (including soap) and heat. For this reason if you are concerned about the virus on food you can take precautions such as washing fruit and vegetables that you are going to eat raw with soap and water or cooking. If you wash fruit and vegetables be sure to rinse them really well to remove any soap residue prior to consumption.


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