No more running late … our top tips for getting the kids to school on time


No more running late … our top tips for getting the kids to school on time2.jpg

Once the initial back to school excitement has worn off, school mornings can be the stuff of nightmares. Trying to get everyone out of bed, fed, dressed, with their lunches and essentials packed, and out the door is hard work. There are some simple things you can do to make the mornings easier and ensure less stress and more success getting the kids to school on time.


1.     Make a spot for school things

If you create a dedicated place for all their school stuff, it will make mornings run much more smoothly. Think about it, if there’s a spot where the school bag, uniform, shoes, library bag and raincoat go, the kids won’t have to rush around trying to find items from all over the house.


2.     Create a calendar

Keep track of after-school activities, excursions, sports uniform days, music lessons and the like with a calendar stuck to the fridge. Check it each night so nothing sneaks up on you.


3.     Watch the clock

Make it easy for your kids to know the time and therefore stick to a schedule by having clocks visible in the house. You can take it one step further by creating a colour coded clock for small children. Use an analogue clock and coloured marker pens to shade 5-10 minute intervals for different activities eg: brushing teeth, getting dressed, breakfast. When the big hand on the clock is in the green zone they know that it’s time to get dressed, in the blue means it’s breakfast and in the red is brushing teeth.


4.     Hit them in the hip pocket

If your children receive an allowance, make getting ready for school part of their responsibilities. If they’re not ready to leave on time, dock their allowance. You’ll find that this is a very effective way to keep the morning routine running smoothly.


5.     Make breakfast easy and portable

Ensure that you have some portable breakfast options for those mornings where things just don’t go to plan. It’s not ideal, but eating on the way to school is better than missing breakfast altogether. Visit our website for a wide range of healthy and portable breakfast options.

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