New ways to use … baking paper


New ways to use … baking paper2.jpg

Baking paper is one of those indispensable kitchen items. As well as keeping cakes and biscuits from sticking to pans, it has a number of other uses. Read on to learn more.

·         Need to fill the pepper grinder? Roll a sheet of baking paper into a funnel shape to make the job easier.

·         Baking paper can also be used to cook fish, chicken or vegetables “en papillote”.

·         Cut a round of baking paper to put on top of food that you want to keep submerged while cooking, such as when poaching fruit.

·         One of our favourite ways to use baking paper is to help with moving ingredients in the kitchen. If you grate cheese or shave chocolate or even sift flour onto a piece of baking paper, you can use the paper as a sleeve to transfer those ingredients to the stove top without making a mess.

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