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When you’re busy juggling everything that life throws at you, it’s very easy to fall into a bit of a mid-week meal rut. You rotate through the same few dishes that you know you can make well and that the family will eat. But after a while it can get a bit boring and predictable; so if you’re looking for ways to inject some excitement back into your meals without having to learn a whole new bunch of recipes try these tips. The changes are small but you’ll be amazed at the difference that they can make.

1.       Pesto power – you’ve got to love pesto for its sheer versatility. You can stir it through pasta, smear it on steak, mix it with cream cheese or drizzle over salad. If you don’t want to make  your own there’s plenty of options available in-store that will add a new dimension to your dishes.

2.       Crumbs – looking for more texture and taste? Then whiz up your day old loaf of bread with some parmesan or herbs or lemon rind and you’ve got a delicious addition to cauliflower cheese, lasagne, fish or casseroles.

3.       Herbs – for an instant flavour injection add herbs. Yes, you can use them as a garnish but get creative and add chopped fresh herbs to your sauces and casseroles and you’ll love the freshness and flavour they bring.

4.       Creamy dreamy – there’s an awful lot that a bit of Greek yoghurt can do in the kitchen. Add it to stews, soups and casseroles to give body and a creamy taste or combine with a little stock, lemon and mustard for a delicious sauce to pour over grilled chicken breasts.

5.       Vinegar – reacquaint yourself with that bottle of balsamic vinegar that’s hiding in the back of your pantry. It will add a delicious rich, deep flavour to meat dishes like spaghetti bolognaise and is also amazing drizzled over fruit for dessert.

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