How to use a pool noodle to water your Christmas tree …. Christmas helper


There’s no denying that there’s something extra special about having a “real” (as opposed to an artificial) Christmas tree. A real tree creates a wonderful Christmas smell throughout the house that artificial trees just can’t match. But keeping a real tree looking its best requires a bit of work, in the form of regular watering. It can be tricky to reach below the branches to check the water level and top up the water but we’ve got a clever hack that will make the task super simple.

You will need a pool noodle – one of these 

To water the tree, push one end of the pool noodle into the bucket or container holding the tree and using a jug of water, slowly pour the water into the hole on the opposite end of the noodle. The water will flow through the noodle and straight into the bucket.

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