How to use up Easter chocolate … kitchen helper


The Easter Bunny hasn’t even been yet, but we just know that come Easter Monday there’s going to be leftover Easter eggs. So, what do you do when the thought of eating another chocolate is too much? You drink it of course! Read on for our tasty solution to using up Easter chocolate. It’s also a great activity for the kids to keep them amused these school holidays.

Hot Chocolate Cocoa Bombs are a delicious way to make use of all that leftover Easter chocolate. Carefully separate two halves of a chocolate egg and fill with hot chocolate powder and mini marshmallows. Reconnect the halves using a little melted chocolate smeared along the edges. Alternatively, melt chocolate eggs in the microwave and pour into round moulds. Add chocolate powder and marshmallows and join the two halves together. You can leave the bombs plain or decorate with white chocolate and sprinkles if you prefer. To use the bombs, simply place in a mug and pour warm milk over the top.


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