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Chances are you’ve come across desiccant before. It’s commonly found in everything from shoe boxes to electronics to medication bottles. Those little white packets that are labelled “Silica Gel. Desiccant. Do not eat” are usually tossed in the bin, but we’ve got some ways to use them that will change your life.

Firstly, let’s talk about what desiccant actually is. It is a drying agent that absorbs and holds moisture and that is why it is widely used in packaging. Most little packages of desiccant will last between 1 and 3 years which makes them super-handy for a whole range of things around your home. Let’s take a look at some of them.

·       Saving your phone – if you’ve accidentally taken your phone for a swim, dropped it in the toilet or just left it out in the rain, you should pop it into a container with desiccant packages overnight. The desiccant will absorb the moisture and should completely dry the phone out.

·       Protect photos and documents – got boxes of documents or old family photos in storage? Add some desiccant packets to the box to protect them from damp and moisture.

·       Keep food fresh – pop a desiccant packet into a bag of mushrooms to make them last longer, tape one to the inside of the lid of your biscuit jar for fresh crackers and cookies, tape one to the inside of the lid of boxes of cereal and inside the lid of containers of rice, pasta and dried legumes to keep them dry and fresh.

·       Save razors from rust – because they are exposed to moisture regularly, razors can rust fast. Even if you wipe them thoroughly there is still moisture inside that can lead to rusting. Sitting razors on a desiccant pack when not in use will absorb the excess moisture and make your razor last longer.

·       Stop smells – if your gym bag is a bit on the nose, add some desiccant packs to absorb the moisture and smell from sweaty clothes and shoes.

·       Protect screens and lenses – electronics with screens or lenses are sensitive to moisture and condensation so adding a desiccant pack to your camera bag is a great idea.

·       Book smarts – adding a few desiccant packs to your bookcase will help keep books dry and free from musty smells.

·       De-fog your car – popping a few desiccant packs on the dashboard of your car will help to absorb moisture prevent condensation forming on the windshield. You can also do this on window sills in your house that are prone to condensation.

·       Fishing gear – if fishing is a hobby, you’ll know that hooks can rust but keeping some desiccant packs with your fishing gear will help stop the rust.

·       Freshen your fridge – pop a container with desiccant packs at the back of your fridge to help absorb smells.

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