How to use Brussels Sprouts … kitchen helper


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They are one of those veggies that people seem to either absolutely love or definitely dislike and if you fall into the latter category it might just be because you’ve never experienced the variety of ways that Brussels Sprouts can be enjoyed. We’ve put together some suggestions for you to try that will change the way you look at Brussels Sprouts forever.

Some people don’t like Brussels Sprouts because of their texture so try mixing it up by adding a crunchy topping to sprouts. Add crispy pancetta to toasted day old bread crumbs and sprinkle over the top of shredded sprouts that have been cooked in butter.

Another delicious way to enjoy Brussels Sprouts is to coat them in a crispy parmesan crust. Dip sprouts in an eggwash before dredging them in a mixture of breadcrumbs, herbs and parmesan and then bake in the oven to achieve a gorgeous golden crust.

Brussels Sprouts are a very close relative of cabbage, and just as cabbage and bacon are a match made in culinary heaven, so too are sprouts and bacon. Treat your tastebuds to our Brussels Sprouts with Maple Glazed Bacon for some serious yum.

Never stir-fried sprouts? They add a lovely depth of flavour and work well with beef and other veg. Throw in some cashews for crunch and you’ve got yourself a super-tasty, quick and convenient dinner.

Winter is the time of comfort food and sprouts will give a great lift to potato-based favourite dishes like mash or bubble and squeak. Just shred them up with your knife and toss them in and enjoy.

Of course, you don’t always have to cook Brussels Sprouts because just like cabbage, they can be enjoyed raw too. Use them in salads like our Superfood Salad for a lovely flavour and texture.

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