How to stop avocados browning…kitchen helper


We all have good intentions when we cut an avocado, dutifully wrap the unused half and put in in the fridge.  A week later we find the sad, brown, dehydrated specimen in the back of the fridge.  Is there a better way?

There are many suggested methods for saving avocados – from bespoke silicon avocado savers to freezing the flesh. We’re not sure any of these are the ultimate solution.  One we have recently tried does work and all you need is a glass jar and some lemon juice.

First, cut your avocado, use it for whatever purpose, and them scoop out the balance with a dessert spoon.  Cut it into large cubes and put in in the glass jar.  Squeeze half a lemon into the jar and shake gently, making sure the lemon juice coats all surfaces of the avocado cubes.  Store in the fridge front and centre so you don’t forget about it!

The next day, or even the day after that, you will have avocado ready to go on your toast, to smash with feta, or add to your salad.  Keeping time is about two days.  And the added bonus, it has a zing of lemon to brighten the flavour.

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