How to separate egg yolks from whites … kitchen helper


If you’ve ever made a pavlova then you’ll know all about separating the egg yolk from the egg white. There’s plenty of methods for doing it, the most popular being old fashioned way of tipping the yolk between the two halves of the cracked egg shell until all the white has run into the bowl. But what happens if you forget to separate the eggs and just crack them into the bowl? How can you get the yolk out of the white? We’ve got a couple of super-simple tricks to help.

The first method uses an empty plastic water bottle. Gently squeeze the bottle over the top of the yolk and it will scoop it up separating it from the white. No bottle? No worries, your fingers can separate egg yolks easily. Before you start, rub your thumb and index finger with a clove of garlic or on a piece of bread and then use a pinching motion to pick up the egg yolk to separate it from the white.

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