How to save money on cheese … Kitchen (and budget) helper


We all love convenience and when we’re under pressure we do tend to reach for the easy options when shopping.  One such product is grated cheese.  Sure, it’s easy to just open a bag and sprinkle on the cheese. But a quick hack can save you money … read on to find out how.
So, let’s do the maths.  A 500g bag of grated cheese is about $11.70 depending on the brand.  A 1kg block of tasty cheese is about $15.99. So to save $7.40 per kg on your grated cheese:
-    Buy your tasty cheese in 1kg blocks
-    Grate it yourself!

Grating tips:
1.    Spray your grater with cooking spray. This will stop the cheese from sticking.
2.    Have a big “grate up” of maybe 500g at a time into a plastic or glass container with a good seal and store it in the fridge. It will take you five minutes, but you’ll feel very pleased with yourself every time you reach for the grated cheese.

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