How to save leftover tomato paste … kitchen helper


It’s happened to all of us. Your recipe requires two tablespoons of tomato paste, you open a jar or tub, use the two tablespoons, put it in the fridge and come back to it a few weeks later to be greeted by a furry fridge pet - in other words, mould. Into the bin it goes.


You will never have to waste tomato paste again with these two tips:


1.    With a spoon, smooth the top of the tomato paste in its original jar or tub, and then pour in a layer of olive oil to a depth of about 2 cms.  The oil will act as a barrier to the air above and inhibit spoilage and mould growth. When it’s time to use the tomato paste again, just pour off the oil and you will have fresh tomato paste underneath.

Tip: never refrigerate tomato paste in a steel can or vessel, as this speeds spoilage. Decant it into a non-reactive jar or container and then top with oil as described.


2.    You can freeze left over tomato paste by measuring out 1 tablespoon amounts with a small ice cream scoop or spoon measure. Drop onto baking paper on a tray and freeze for a few hours on the shelf in your freezer.  When frozen drop the balls into a Ziploc bag and use when needed.  Tomato paste can keep for 2-3 months in the freezer.

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