How to reheat rice with an ice cube … kitchen helper


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Got leftover rice you want to reheat? The problem is that reheated rice tends to be a bit, well … dry. There’s no lightness or fluffiness and it just isn’t as good as freshly cooked rice. Well good news rice fans, we’ve got a super-simple trick to give you perfectly steamed, fluffy rice and it involves an ice cube.

We discovered this rice-changing hack on TikTok but we’ve tried and tested it and can confirm it works. All you need to do is pop an ice cube on top of the rice before you reheat it in the microwave. Rather than melting, the ice cube helps to steam the rice and it will only take a minute to produce hot, ready-to-eat rice.

Before you embark on reheating rice, please remember that cooked rice can cause food poisoning if it is not stored correctly. To avoid this, make sure when you cook rice that you store any leftovers in the fridge within a couple of hours of cooking and use leftovers within five days.

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