How to pack an Esky so it stays cool … kitchen helper

There’s an art to packing an Esky so it keeps things cool all day. 

Here are our tips:

  • Pre-cool everything going in the Esky.  If you put in a room-temperature bottle of soft drink for example, it will bring the temperature up inside the Esky.  So refrigerate everything overnight or buy it already cold. Better still you can freeze any non-carbonated drinks (leave a little bit of space for expansion) and they will be nice and frosty.
  • A full Esky is a cool Esky. Any unfilled parts will be a space where warm air can lower the overall temperature. Put down a layer of ice bricks on the bottom, then follow that with chilled cans or bottles, then food. Put an icebrick into any gaps. Finish with another layer of icebricks or a large cold pack.  Cold air flows down so this is an important final step.
  • Don’t drain your Esky as things melt inside. It’s preferable to have cold water in your Esky than warm air.
  • This one’s obvious – keep it in the shade!
  • Try to limit the number of times you open it.  Each time you do, warm air will enter and raise the internal temperature of your Esky.


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