How to make Easter egg craft easier … kitchen helper


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If you’re getting all crafty this year for Easter and making some adorable egg creations with the kids, then these tips will make the process much easier.

Boiling eggs

If you want to avoid cracks in hard-boiled eggs, make sure you poke a tiny hole in the end with a needle or pin before you boil them. Then you will have a lovely smooth shell surface ready to decorate.

Decorating eggs

Painting eggs? You’ll need something to hold them while you do your handiwork. An upside down bottle top from a water or soft-drink bottle creates the perfect base for you to sit an egg on while you paint and decorate. Alternatively a firm cardboard tube cut down to size also works well.

Colouring eggs

A great way to dip eggs into dye with minimal mess is to use a whisk to hold the egg while you dip it in the dye. Make sure you use a metal whisk and gently ease the whisk apart to slide the egg inside, then it will hold the egg while you dip. Plastic pasta servers also work well to dip your eggs.

Drying eggs

OK so you’ve dipped, now you have to dry. To avoid patchy eggs use sewing pins poked into a piece of Styrofoam or cardboard to create an elevated platform to rest your eggs on while they dry.

Removing dye from hands

Got dye on your hands? Add two tablespoons of salt to a small bowl and gradually mix in vinegar until you have a paste. Scrub your skin with the salt-vinegar paste and stains will disappear in no time!

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