How to make the easiest pancakes ever… kitchen helper

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Delicious, simple, gluten and dairy-free pancakes are just an overripe banana away.

You’ll love this simple hack for a quick and wholesome pancake alternative. While they definitely look like traditional pancakes these tasty morsels are something entirely different but, similarly moreish. With a custard-like, creamy interior and crispy crunchy edges, these banana bangers will leave you wanting more.

All you need is one medium-sized overripe banana (more if you are wanting to feed your friends) and two eggs (add two more eggs for each banana you use).

Mash them together in a bowl until they are thoroughly blended, removing all lumps. If you want to make them a little fancy, maybe add some vanilla extract or choc-chips or simply enjoy them as they are.

Heat a pan over medium heat and grease using your preferred oil or butter (unrefined coconut oil adds a subtle coconut flavour) and add the batter. Cook on medium for approximately one minute on either side or until golden.

When turning the pancakes over it’s important to be slow and gentle, as these pancakes are more delicate than traditional pancakes so slow and steady will see better results.

Serve with your favourite condiments and sides.

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