How to make assembly-line school lunches… kitchen helper


How to make assembly-line school lunches… kitchen helper2.jpg

I’m sure you’ve heard all the standard hacks for helping to keep things moving on busy school mornings, like making lunches the night before or a week’s worth of lunches on the weekend, and batch cooking muffins, biscuits and other lunch box fillers. But today, we’ve got a lunch box preparation idea that you’re definitely going to want to get behind, because it will save you time and teach your kids to be more self-sufficient.

Encouraging your child to help make their own lunch is a great way to grow responsibility and to take some of the morning burden from you. Even if they are too young to make the food, they are never too young to learn how to pack their lunchbox. Make it easy for them by creating a shelf in the fridge and one in the pantry that is dedicated to school lunches. Arrange items into baskets or containers for fruit, snacks, drinks, sandwiches and other lunchbox elements, and then all the child needs to do is move down the line picking out what they want for the day, assembly-line style.

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