How to keep your fresh fish fresher … kitchen helper

If you’re observing the tradition of eating fish on Good Friday, keep it fresh in the refrigerator with this simple tip.

Fish is best stored at a temperature lower than the normal fridge setting of 3C; somewhere between 1 and 2 degrees is ideal.

To achieve this, create an icy slurry with a baking dish, a Ziploc bag and some ice.

  1. Rinse the fish (fillets or a whole fish) and dry it well with paper towel.
  2. Place it in a single layer in a large Ziploc bag, pressing out as much of the air as possible.
  3. Partially fill a large baking dish with a layer of ice and lay the Ziploc bag on top, ensuring the bag is well-sealed and the fish is not touching the ice directly or becoming wet.
  4. Lay more ice on top of the Ziploc bag.
  5. Place this all in the fridge in the coldest part, generally on a lower shelf towards the back of the fridge.
  6. Check on the ice after 12 hours, pour off the water which will have collected from the melted ice, and replenish the ice as needed.

Fish stored this way can keep for up to 2 days.

For specific storage and reheating instructions for our Easter fish products including prawns, scallops, blue swimmer crabs, oysters and crayfish, have a look at our guide here.

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