How to keep food chilled outdoors … kitchen helper


While summer is the perfect time of year for outdoor entertaining, the warmer weather does present some challenges around keeping food safe and appetising. We’ve all been to a get-together where the host has laid out a magnificent spread of prawns, cold chicken, charcuterie, and salads in the blazing sun. After sitting there for a while it not only looks dry and unappealing, but it is also a case of food poisoning waiting to happen! You don’t need to make the same mistake, because we’ve got a simple idea that will help you keep your food chilled and safe.

All you need to do is fill resealable kitchen bags with crushed ice or ice cubes and then you can place them in bowls and set the food on top. If you want to disguise the ice, use lettuce leaves to cover it and then top with the food you want to keep chilled. It’s an easy and effective solution, just be sure to replenish the ice if it melts and try to keep food chilled in the fridge until you are ready to serve.

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