Kitchen helper…How to keep feta fresh in your fridge

It’s happened to all of us. You open a nice packet of feta or buy a piece from the Hill Street deli section, use a little bit, put it in the fridge, and within a few days, it’s spoiled and you need to throw it away. There is a way to keep your feta fresh for longer – read on to find out more.

Feta is a white crumbly cheese originating from Greece but now made in Australia also. Traditional feta is made with sheep or goat milk, rather than cow milk. It provides that wonderful creamy, yet tart saltiness to Greek dishes like Spanakopita as well as being integral to Greek salads.  It’s wonderful in almost any savoury dish – crumbled into an omelette, over a salad, in a quiche, in a pasta dish or simply on its own with a few olives.

It is cured and packaged in brine, a salty liquid. In our delis it sits in its brine, and in packets the brine is inside. However, once you get the feta home, or open the packet, you’ll need more brine in which to store the feta.

Make your own following these steps:

1.   Dissolve 2 tsp salt in a cup of water.

2.   Put your feta piece in a small airtight container.

3.   Pour the brine over it, ensuring the feta is completely submerged.

4.   If it is not covered, make more brine in the ratio 2 tsp salt to one cup water.

5.   Refrigerate.

Your feta will last up to three weeks kept this way.

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