How to keep chewy biscuits soft and fresh … kitchen helper


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When it comes to homemade biscuits there’s really two types of people, those who like them crisp and snappy, and those who like them soft and chewy. Soft biscuit aficionados will tell you that there’s nothing quite as good as biting into a gooey, fresh-from-the oven biscuit. But those same soft biscuit fans will also tell you that it can be hard to keep biscuits at that “just-perfect” stage before they start to dry out and become brittle and stale. If only there was a way to keep them at the perfect soft and chewy stage for longer. Well good news biscuit lovers, there is! We’ve got a clever trick that will keep your biscuits soft and chewy for longer.

The solution is as simple as putting the biscuits in an airtight jar along with a small piece of bread (no more than half a slice). If you don’t have an airtight jar, a zip-lock bag also works well.  The science behind it is that biscuits start to dry out as soon as you remove them from the oven. The moisture in the biscuits is constantly evaporating and the sugars and starches in the biscuit are solidifying, and all of this leads to dry, hard biscuits. When you add some bread to the container with the biscuits, the bread helps to keep the biscuits soft because the biscuits absorb moisture from the bread.

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