How to keep a carved pumpkin from rotting … kitchen helper


Halloween is on 31 October and if you’re doing a spot of pumpkin carving we’ve got five great tips to keep that pumpkin looking good.

1.     Remove any bacteria that can cause decay from the surface of the pumpkin by wiping the outside with a solution of water and bleach. Do this before you start carving.

2.     Make sure you remove all the pulp from the inside of the pumpkin. This will help to keep insects away from your creation.

3.     Keep the pumpkin out of direct sunlight. The best spot for a carved pumpkin is somewhere cool, so if you have it outside choose a shaded spot.

4.     Use battery-operated LED lights instead of a candle. The candle creates heat and heat will cause the pumpkin to rot faster.

5.     Use a barrier like petroleum jelly on the carved edges of the pumpkin. This helps to retain moisture and stop the pumpkin shrivelling.


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