How to keep avocados fresh for weeks … kitchen helper


We all know that there’s a very fine line between a perfect, ripe avocado and a mushy mess.

So, when a hack that claims to keep avocados fresh for weeks appears we sit up and take notice. A South Carolina woman’s avocado tip has gone viral on social media after she said that she was able to keep avocados fresh and ready to eat for up to four weeks. Her solution has been tried by thousands of social media users who confirm that it works.

The hack is super-simple, all you need to do is put avocados in a jug or bowl of water in the fridge and when you cut them open days or weeks later they will be perfect inside. Make sure that the avocados are completely covered with water otherwise it will not work. If you’re interested in the science behind this amazing avocado hack, we know that when avocados are stored in a normal oxygen environment they turn brown due to a chemical reaction that oxidises the avocado. When avocados are stored in water, the avocado is protected from the oxygen and therefore it does not break down.

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