How to grow chilli on your windowsill … three “hot” tips


Hey, hot stuff! Do you want to add a little more kick to your mid-week meals? Want to add some spice to your life but often go to the pantry to find you’ve run out of chilli? Don’t sweat it, check out our hot tips for growing chilli at home on your windowsill.

1. It's important to choose the correct pot size, chilli plants don’t like being transplanted, so ensuring they have enough space from the get-go is important. These easy-care plants also need air circulating around their root systems so pick a pot that’s no smaller than 30cm in diameter. This will ensure that your chilli plant is kept happy from the roots up.

2. Chilli plants love to be warm, so be sure to move them around from windowsill to windowsill to ensure they always capture the sun. However, if it’s hotter than a habanero your chilli plants may need a break from full sun. If your plants start developing sunspots (dry white and brown spots) and are crispy to the touch or wilting, it’s definitely time to move them to a location with filtered light.

3. Be sure to keep your chilli plants well-watered. If the weather is hot and dry you may need to water them every second day; the soil should be damp but not wet. If it’s warmer and more humid you may be able to water your plant every third day.

Chillis come in a variety of heat profiles, sizes and styles so read up on the best variety for your usage and location or contact your local garden centre for advice.

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