How to get fresh lemon juice with no mess … kitchen helper


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Lemon juice is a popular addition to many food and drink recipes. The usual way to extract the juice from a lemon is to cut in in half and use a juicer. This does the job but you’re left with washing up from the knife, a chopping board and the juicer. What if we told you that there is an easier way to squeeze a lemon that requires virtually no clean up?

Instead of slicing the lemon in half, all you need to do is insert a skewer into the lemon on the opposite end to where the stalk attaches. Push the skewer in to the lemon, stopping before it comes out the other end. Next, squeeze the lemon with your hands and the juice will flow out the hole that you made with the skewer. Continue squeezing until you have extracted as much juice as you need. If you want to make this task even easier, put the lemon in the microwave on high for 15 – 20 seconds before you insert the skewer.

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