How to freeze food in glass … kitchen helper


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We’re all for reducing plastic consumption and waste and this week we thought we’d talk about a way to do both and that is by using glass containers to freeze food.

There’s plenty of reasons to switch to glass containers in your pantry and freezer, not the least of which is that glass is a resource that is made from abundant raw materials including sand and glass waste. Glass can also usually be recycled and it doesn’t contain any of the nasties like BPA that are contained in some plastics. It’s also non-porous which means that it won’t discolour like plastic does or absorb smells. Glass retains its good looks for years and it’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe plus, because it’s see-through, you will always be able to see exactly what you have in the freezer. There are a whole range of sizes and shapes of glass containers available to purchase and they are relatively inexpensive but if you want to be really savvy, start saving glass jars from things like pasta sauces and pickles that you buy, and soon you will have an impressive glass jar collection.

Most foods will freeze well in glass including fruit, vegetables, soups and sauces, baby food, leftovers, biscuits, and vegetable peels and scraps (great for making stock). If you are freezing liquids like sauces or soups remember that liquids expand when they are frozen so leave a gap of at least 3 centimetres from the top of the jar when freezing.

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