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There’s no denying that seasoning can really enhance the flavour of food; in fact it’s amazing the difference a pinch of salt and a good grind of pepper can make. But what happens if you accidentally add too much salt to your soup, stew, curry or casserole? Don’t worry we’ve got some easy ways that you can reduce the saltiness and salvage your dish.

The first method involves adding pieces of raw, chopped potato to the dish. The potato acts as a salt-sponge and will absorb the excess salt. The starch from the potato also helps to dilute the saltiness. Scoop the potato out after 10-15 minutes and discard. No potatoes on hand? You can make a simple dough of flour and water, shape into balls and drop 3-4 into your dish. Leave to cook for 10 minutes and then remove the dough before serving.

Dilution is another method and works particularly well on soup or broth. Just adding some extra water or liquid will help to dilute the salty taste. If water isn’t going to do the trick then turn to acid flavours to balance out the dish. Lemon or lime juice or vinegar are all acidic and will tame the salt taste.  Adding a creamy or fat component like yoghurt, sour cream or butter (unsalted) will also help to reduce overly salted flavours in your dish.

With all of these methods, it is important to taste the dish while you attempt to fix it. Achieving the perfect result is literally an act of balancing flavours and the only way to ensure that you nail it is to taste as you make adjustments.

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