How to fix a melted chocolate malfunction … kitchen helper

Help! My melted chocolate has separated! Read on and find out how to fix this culinary disaster in one minute flat. 

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Sometimes you take your eye off something for a minute and well, it all goes to pieces. This can very easily happen when you are melting chocolate over a saucepan of simmering water. Your chocolate goes from glossy and silky to a solid lump surrounded by watery-looking chocolate. To use the culinary term – it has seized. Before you throw it all in the bin – it can be saved!

Chocolate can seize for a variety of reasons – your simmering water underneath is too hot, or if you are making a ganache, the cream is not adequately heated and it cools the chocolate too quickly, resulting in a separated ball of misery.

The remedy – flick on the kettle.  Add a tablespoon of boiling water at a time to the seized chocolate while whisking quickly.  It seems counter-intuitive to add water, because your chocolate has gone all watery, with a solid mass in the middle. Be brave and add another tablespoon of boiling water. Keep whisking! Magically, your chocolate will change back to a thick, glossy consistency and the crisis is averted. You can then get on with your mousse, chocolate tart or chocolate ganache as if nothing happened.  Phew!

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