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Does your glassware sometimes look “cloudy”? This is a common and frustrating problem especially when you know that the glass is clean but it still looks foggy. There are a few reasons that glasses become cloudy, one of the most common being due to hard water. The minerals in hard water can leave behind a cloudy residue and hard water is also less effective at removing detergent so it can leave a cloudy film. We’ve got some tips to help overcome cloudy glassware.

If hard water is the problem, you should try using less detergent both in the dishwasher and if washing by hand. Experiment to find the perfect amount of detergent to achieve clear glasses. If you have several cloudy glasses you can soak them in a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water. Leave them to soak for 30 minutes then test one glass by rinsing it with clean warm water. If it is still cloudy return it to the vinegar and water solution for a further 30 minutes. If you only have a couple of cloudy glasses you can use a piece of paper towel soaked in white vinegar to polish the glasses and remove the cloudiness.

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