How to easily water your Christmas tree … festive helper


Christmas trees need a steady supply of water to maintain their good looks and avoid dropping pine needles, especially in the heat of an Australian summer. Watering them can be tricky because the low hanging branches make it almost impossible to reach in to fill the bucket containing the tree. But don’t worry because we’ve got a couple of easy solutions that you can try this year.

When you are setting up your tree, take an empty 2 litre bottle, such as a soft drink bottle, and fill it with water. Next, remove the lid and quickly flip the bottle so that it sits inside the bucket with the opening submerged underwater. This will form a vacuum in the bottle to stop further draining but when the water level drops as the tree drinks, the bottle will release just enough water to replenish the water in the bucket. If your tree is large you may need to use more than one bottle.

The second solution is really easy. Simply throw some ice cubes into the bucket every day. As the ice melts your tree will be watered.

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