How to easily open pistachios … kitchen helper


Pistachios originated in Central Asia and the Middle East. They are a member of the cashew family and although we know them as a nut, they are actually the seed of a fruit that grows in bunches like grapes. Loved in cooking for their bright green colour that comes from chlorophyll, they are popular in cakes, ice-cream and dishes such as baklava and halva. And while they are undeniably delicious, pistachios can sometimes be a hard nut to crack, so it’s lucky we’ve got a couple of clever tricks to help you out!

Pistachios come with a very convenient “seam” which makes it easier to open them most of the time. Simply slipping your thumb nail in the gap where the seam is to prise a pistachio open. But if the gap is small, you will struggle to get your thumb inside. Instead, use the thin end of the shell of an already opened pistachio to pry it open. But what if there’s absolutely no gap in the shell at all? Lay the pistachios on a chopping board and cover with a tea towel, then give them a tap with a heavy item like a frying pan or rolling pin to crack the shells.

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