How to easily change your pantry labels … kitchen helper


Confession time … we are suckers for a beautifully organised pantry. Food decanted into matching containers with beautiful labels is pretty much our idea of heaven. But the downside to the labels is that they can be hard to change if you decide that you want to fill your sugar container with salt, or you buy too many weetbix and need to move them to a bigger container. You can pick and scrape at the label and try to get it off but it never readheres so it ends up wasted. Well, we’ve got a better option that still satisfies our aesthetic needs.

Rather than sticking a permanent sticker or label onto containers, try a blackboard sign. These gorgeous little signs are like a mini-blackboard because you can write on them with chalk and then if you want to change the sign, you just rub it off. There are many different blackboard signs available (check the craft section of stores like Officeworks, Kmart, Big W, or Spotlight), but if you don’t find something that suits you, you can always make your own using blackboard paint.

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