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Mince is a staple ingredient for many of us, loved for the versatility of options that it provides, from burgers to bolognaise. But what if you’ve forgotten to take the mince out of the freezer? Is dinner ruined? Not with our tips on how to thaw mince in a hurry.

Like anything preparation is the key to a good result and there’s a way of freezing mince that will not only make it easier to defrost, but also save valuable space in the freezer. Follow these three steps:

1.     Divide the mince up into resealable bags in whatever portion size best suits your needs

2.     Use your hand or a rolling pin to gently flatten the mince so that it is about 1 centimetre thick inside the bag

3.     Give a little squeeze to remove any excess air from the bag and then seal it.

Now to defrosting. The best method for safely defrosting mince, or anything, is in the fridge. If you use the method above for freezing, the mince will defrost in the fridge in just a couple of hours.

Don’t have a couple of hours to spare? No problem, you can use one of our other methods. The first is to submerge it in cold water. This method will defrost mince that’s been flat-packed (see method above) in about 10 minutes or denser mince in about 30 minutes per 225 grams. You will need to have the mince in a leak-proof resealable bag for this technique. Place the bag of mince into a bowl of cold water, ensuring that it is totally submerged. Leave the water to work its magic and then when the mince has thawed cook it immediately.

The final technique is also the quickest and that is to use the microwave. Place the mince on a microwave-safe plate keeping it inside the resealable bag. Leave a small opening for steam to escape. Use the defrost setting on the microwave to thaw the mince, turning it halfway through. This method should only take 5 minutes. Make sure you cook the mince immediately as microwaving can cause some of it to start cooking.

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