How to cut broccoli


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We’re always looking for ways to make kitchen prep quicker and easier, so here is a simple guide from our Chef for cutting broccoli. Not only will you find it easy, you'll also have far less waste if you use this method.

Start by pulling and cutting away any leaves from the stem. After cleaning, hold the broccoli by the bottom of the stem with your non-preferred hand and balance the head against the cutting board, cutting down the stem with your preferred hand slicing off the outer layer of florets. Once the outer layer is sliced off, work your way inwards and remove the remaining florets until only the stalk is left.

How to cut broccoli - 16.10.193.jpg

Halve or quarter the florets if needed, the goal is to cut them all down to a similar size so they cook evenly.

How to cut broccoli - 16.10.194.jpg

Next thinly slice off the wood-textured outer skin of the stem, you may use a vegetable peeler if you find it easier. Slice the stem into thin strips or cuts of your preference to be cooked with the florets.

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