How to core an apple… kitchen helper

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What’s the best way to core apples if you don’t have an apple corer? So glad you asked! Here’s our step-by-step guide to getting the job done.

1.       Place apple with the stem side up on a chopping board.

2.       Use a paring knife that is longer than the apple, push the blade into the apple about half a centimetre away from the stem.

3.       Push the blade through the apple until it comes out the bottom.

4.       Holding the apple in one hand carefully move the blade of the knife so that it cuts all the way around the core to separate it from the apple.

5.       The core will now be loose inside the apple, and can be pushed out with your fingers

6.       If you notice any seeds still inside the apple, put the knife back in the hole and scrape around to loosen the seeds and push them out through the holes.


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