How to clean your cheese grater


How to clean your cheese grater - 5.11.19.jpg

You know what we hate? Trying to clean a cheese grater. The grater always ends up with little squishy bits of cheese firmly lodged in the holes and we end up with a shredded kitchen sponge and grated knuckles! So we’ve been experimenting with the best ways to tackle a grotty grater. Here’s what we’ve learned ...

Firstly, the best chance you have for getting your cheese grater clean is to clean it straight after you’ve used it either by soaking it in warm, soapy water or by grating an apple or raw potato to help dislodge any squishy bits of cheese.

If you don’t manage to tackle the cleaning straight away then we suggest using a stiff brush like a dish brush or even a toothbrush and run the bristles back and forth along the grater. The cheese particles will be dislodged by the brush and the bristles will get into all those hard to reach places for an extra-clean clean.

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