How to clean burnt pots and pans … kitchen helper


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We’ve all done it; you take your eyes off the saucepan on the stove and end up with a scorched mess, or maybe you’ve put something in the oven and forgotten about it. There’s plenty of ways to burn your pots and pans but rather than throw them out try these solutions.

If you’ve burnt your stainless steel cookware try sprinkling bicarbonate of soda over the burnt area and adding enough hot water to form a thin paste. Take a piece of aluminium foil and scrunch it into a ball and then scrub the burnt area with it. When most of the mess is cleared, wash in hot soapy water to finish.

For non-stick pots and pans you need to be careful not to use abrasive scourers which can damage the surface. Instead make a paste with bicarb and water as outlined above to cover the burnt area. Leave the pan to sit overnight and then use a non-scratch kitchen sponge to remove clean. Wash in hot soapy water to finish.

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