How to chill drinks quickly…
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Imagine this … you arrive home after a long day at work, slip off your shoes and head to the fridge to get yourself a well-deserved wine/beer but the fridge is bare! Someone forgot to pop a bottle in the fridge! If you don’t want to be stuck with lukewarm beverages, there is something you can do to cool those drinks quickly.

Fill a container, ideally an insulated container like an eski with ice, water and lots of salt. Ensure you have enough water to surround the drinks. Next submerge your bottles or cans as much as possible but don’t pack them in too tightly because you want the iced water to flow around each bottle. If your container has a lid, pop it on. Wait for 5 minutes and your drinks should be nice and chilled.

Want to know why this works? Water freezes at 0C but salt water can get much colder than that and still remain as a liquid. Dissolving salt in water lowers the freezing point meaning you have colder water to cool your drinks.

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