How to chiffonade herbs … kitchen helper


Chiffonade is a well-known French cooking technique that is used to thinly slice herbs or leafy green vegetables. Translated “chiffonade” means “made of rags” which is apt given the thin strips that the technique produces. Chiffonading is the perfect technique for delicate herbs that can be bruised by chopping, and it helps to release the flavour of the herbs or vegetables. It also allows you to seamlessly incorporate herbs and vegetables into a dish, avoiding large pieces that can overwhelm the tastebuds. Chiffonading is great for garnishes, helping to create a polished and professional look to recipes. Learning how to chiffonade is simple, and the only equipment you need is a chopping board and a sharp chef’s knife. Want to know how to chiffonade? Read on to learn more.

Before you chiffonade, was the herbs or leafy greens thoroughly. Next, stack the herbs or leaves on top of each other and tightly roll into a cigar-type shape starting at a long edge. Take the knife and slice across the cigar into very thin strips.  When you’ve finished cutting, use your fingers to fluff the pile of herbs and separate the strips from one another.

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