Excess Easter Eggs … our delicious fix


Excess Easter Eggs … our delicious fix2.jpg

If the Easter Bunny has been particularly generous, you might find yourself with dare we say it, too much chocolate. Never fear, we have a great solutions so that it won’t go to waste … Ice-Cream Eggs.

This super-easy idea combines two of our all-time favourite things – chocolate and ice-cream so you just know it’s going to be a winner. You are basically going to be filling your Easter eggs or chocolate bunnies with ice-cream to create your own custom frozen treat.

For this recipe you will need Easter eggs (keep one aside for the end), a piping bag, a metal skewer and some ice-cream. The amount of ice-cream depends on how many Easter Eggs you want to fill. You can use any flavour of ice-cream you like – some of our favourites are salted caramel, vanilla and chocolate.

Start by removing ice-cream from the freezer so that it starts to soften and then unwrap each egg or chocolate bunny that you want to use. Place them upside down in a glass to hold them steady.

Boil the kettle and pour out about 5 centimetres of the boiled water into a mug. Take a metal skewer and place it in the boiled water for about 1 minute to heat. Dry the skewer and then gently insert it into the bottom of the egg or bunny to melt a hole. You are going to need a hole big enough to fit the nozzle of your piping bag. Repeat for remaining eggs and bunnies. Set aside (if it is warm, place in the fridge).

Blend ice-cream with a stick mixer or in a food processor until it is softened and then put it into the piping bag. Pipe ice-cream into the hole that you have made in the bunnies and eggs and then place them in the freezer for 2 hours to set.

After they have been in the freezer for a couple of hours you can seal up the hole in the bottom. Do this by melting your reserved Easter egg in the microwave on high power in 30 second bursts. Use the melted chocolate to patch the hole and then return to the freezer to set.

When ready to serve, remove from the freezer and allow to sit for a few minutes so that the ice-cream can soften a little.

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